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liven v : make lively; "let's liven up this room a bit" [syn: enliven, liven up, invigorate, animate] [ant: deaden]

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  1. To cause to be more lively.
    Let's liven up this party!


  • 1905: The American Historical Review, published by the American Historical Association, page 380
    ''Bacon's Rebellion (p. 54) has no political meaning for Mr. Bruce. Champlain's fight with the Iroquois is told to liven the narrative with a fight (p. 36), but the far-reaching result is merely hinted in a manner that means nothing to one who doesn't know. The ideals and purposes of the Jesuits are not mentioned.
  • 1930: Bim Sherman, The Century
    ... and he fought for others' banners,
    And he dined at others' tables, and he droned in others' hives,
    And he livened others' journeys, and he rhymed of others' tourneys,
    And he emptied others' flagons, and he flirted others' wives.
  • 1958: Marco Polo, Ronald Latham (translator), The Travels of Marco Polo
    Instead of the picturesque fables* that liven the pages of ‘Sir John Mandeville’ and of many more authentic travellers, he gives us no less picturesque facts, and facts in great abundance.
  • 1979: The American School Board Journal, volume 166, № 1, January 1979, published by the National School Boards Association, caption to an image in the May 1979 section
    Visiting professionals frequently liven the day at the Elm Creative Arts School.
  • 1997: David Nevin, 1812
    Anacreon [...] celebrated wine and love and must have been a rousing fellow. Probably he livened heaven when he arrived.
  • 2003, Sarah Garland, The Herb Garden, page 69
    ... and to invigorate and liven the spirits.
  • 2001, Nick Tosches, Cut Numbers: A Novel
    “It was all those suspendeds since the time before that fucked me.” [sic] Then he livened, and he actually did manage to smile. “It was Secaucus, ...
  • 2005: Michael Winter, The Big Why: A Novel
    The fact of this made him realize he had a story. He livened. Father was washed overboard, Rupert said. He was going through the water like a duck.



  1. definite nominative plural of liv

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activate, animate, arouse, boost, brighten, buoy up, cheer, dynamize, electrify, encourage, energize, enliven, exhilarate, fire, galvanize, give a lift, gladden, hearten, inflame, inspire, inspirit, invigorate, jazz up, kindle, pep up, perk up, pick up, quicken, rejoice, rejoice the heart, rouse, snap up, stimulate, stir up, vitalize, vivify, warm, zip up
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